Our Approach

As lovers of the ocean. We started a new Swedish brand for the water lover. We are both mothers of daughters and felt that we couldn’t find any comfortable and practical sun proof swimwear on the Scandinavian market that reflected our style. So we decided to start something on our own. We wanted to feel free to focus on what matters, whether it's running around with the kids on the beach, crab fishing on the jetty or riding a wave on the surfboard, or that moment of freedom on the SUP. 


Our Story

Water & Virgo was founded by childhood friends Jessica Bonebjär and Elisabet Light. Jessica is a Virgo born in September and Elisabet is an Aquarius born in February, which was the inspiration behind the brand’s name. ”We are really proud of our work and our name,” say Jessica.

Both women are true lovers of the ocean and the active life that surrounds it. The freedom, the power, the salty waves.

The Swedish west coast, and especially Varberg, is where we find our inspiration,”

they say, “ To breathe the salty air makes me calm” says Jessica. Her favorite spot is their summer cabin in a fisherman’s village at Läjet in Varberg. Varberg is also known as the Swedish surf capital. I always get inspired by the people here, and Elisabet and I founded Water & Virgo during the summer of 2019 when I spent eight weeks in Läjet, we had so much fun, says Jessica.

Jessica has been working with marketing her entire career, in fashion and retail and on world-leading creative advertising agencies.

Elisabet lived in Australia for 10 years, she worked as a designer for Rip Curl and has always been a creative person working with several professions within design. Back in Sweden she founded Maja & Maika Beeswax wraps. A reusable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. It is easier to be eco-friendly with the beeswax wraps, and we try very hard to minimize the impact to the ocean and the planet when creating our very first collection of sun proof swimwear.

We know that recycled polyester is not the only solution to have a sustainable product, we work hard with everything within the production chain.

 say Elisabet.